Questions to Consider When Choosing an Adult Family Home

June 29, 2022

If it’s time to consider a safe long-term senior care home for your loved one, it can be a difficult and daunting thing to navigate.  Here at Magnolia Gardens, we understand that your loved one’s safety and comfort are the most important things.

As you search for care there are several questions that you should ask and consider.

How does the home welcome a new resident?

In order to make an educated decision, touring a number of assisted living homes is so important. Seeing in-person and getting a feeling of comfort about your loved one’s new home will allow you to feel more at ease.

What kind of training do their caregivers undergo?

Assisted living caregivers in Washington are required to have a high school diploma or GED.  After being hired they would be given on-the-job training and pass a state exam to learn how a particular senior living facility runs and the safety concerns for the elderly.  This should include first aid certification, CPR certification, state competency exam and clean background check.

Is there staff available 24/7?

It’s important to ask questions about staffing to know what resources and help is available to your loved one at any given point.

Our Vancouver senior care home makes sure that all their residents have access to medical professionals such as nurses, doctors, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and onsite hospice care.

What activities do they offer for the residents?

The senior home you choose should have a wide array of physical and mental stimulation such as games, exercise, quiet areas for reading, music, and access to green space such as a small garden or nearby park.  Being able to enjoy a variety of activities helps your loved one feel comfortable living out the rest of their years.

Are residents able to voice their opinion, request activities and share their concerns?

The elderly often feel as if they are less important than when they were younger or that they don’t matter anymore. It’s important that the home they live in actively listens to the needs and concerns of their residents and take steps to make the situation suitable for them.

Is family interaction encouraged?

When your loved one needs to change their home space for their safety, care, and protection, it is so important that they maintain support and connection with family.  At a certain age, many of the elderly have already lost friends and family members, which is difficult for anyone to go through. Keeping in touch with family is often the only social interaction they have. Make sure the facility you choose encourages this precious family time.

How are their living areas cleaned?

The personal space of someone in a care facility should be maintained, focusing on sanitary and comfortable surroundings. Clean bedding, bathrooms, and emptying the trash are just a few duties that are performed.  Their floor space should be free of debris, mopped and dried to prevent falls.  The furniture should be dusted, and windows kept clean.

Are special dietary needs addressed?

It is important that the facility you choose meets the needs of your loved one.  Ask about how dietary needs are met.  Some of these may include allergy friendly and food sensitive issues, diabetic, low sodium or plant-based options.


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